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I love Everyday (the app).

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Lovely video by Alex Faaborg exploring tab positions in Firefox 4. I’m totally sold on the “Tabs on top” concept. One of my biggest gripes with Firefox (that includes Safari) though is still the lack of a unified search/address bar. Less is truly more when it comes to browser UI.

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Bonus points for the soundtrack. Kno is a new device, that is geared at the education market (double display, text-book-like shape). It’s a tad big for my taste, but includes some nifty features I’m missing on my iPad (scribbles and notes). Perhaps Microsoft should have another look at their Courier concept.

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Making an iPad HTML5 App & making it really fast

Great advice from Thomas Fuchs. I had my own run in with CSS3 related hardware acceleration some time ago; a bit odd, that everyone’s trying to figure out, how this beast really works (open standard, implementation’s mind-boggling) — hope to see some solid articles coming out soon with additional test-cases.